ALLSEAL™ – 0.4% DP


ALLSEAL™ – 0.4% DP is a Synthetic Pyrithroid insecticide used on various pests of various crops viz cereals, pulses, sugarcane, fibre, fruits etc Detailed Description ALLSEAL (FENVALERATE 0.4% DP) is a cost effective contact and stomach based on Synthetic Pyrithroid insecticide, Dusting powder used upon various crops viz, Paddy pulses, sugarcane, cotton, groundnut, mustard, vegetables, fruits, Tobacco etc. in accordance with the climatic conditions and approval of local authorities.

It is used in crops like Paddy, Cotton, Jute, Paddy, Maize, Wheat, Pulses, oilseeds, Vegetables, tobacco, alfalfa, mushrooms, coffee, glasshouse crops etc. It is useful for control of chewing pests, borers in various crops. It is useful against Spotted bollworm, Pink bollworm, Bollworms, Brown Plant Hopper, Gall midge and Grass Hopper etc.

500gm, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, Bulk 25kg (Export)

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